Spiritual Economics

Do you know that feeling when all of the little bits and pieces of your life start to cooperate, each snapping into alignment with the next, and suddenly you find yourself shooting like an arrow, breeze blowing back your hair, sailing toward your target? I hope you do…it’s so exhilarating. Right now I can taste it. I feel the pieces clicking, I feel the breeze beginning to tousle my hair, and I have the sense that I have only just begun.



Last night I began a class at church that I’m super excited about: Spiritual Economics, based on the book by Eric Butterworth. The premise is that what we focus on grows, thoughts become things, and so as we affirm our abundance and prosperity we engage with the natural law and it grows in our consciousness and in our life. It’s like, if I’m down all I can see is the crappiness all around me. The kids are fighting, my body aches, I’m tired, and I don’t have any money. But when my lens is bright, when I am in a good mood, when I’m thinking positively–I see all the examples in my life that support my view that life is good. This idea might be a stretch for you, or it may be a given, but applying it to prosperity, finances, and my sense of security in life is a fairly new concept for me. I think this class is going to challenge me. I’m ready for discomfort and growth (I’ve learned they usually travel in pairs).

spiritual economics

One of the things I love most about taking classes like this is connecting with the other participants. If you don’t already know, you will soon learn: I am a personal growth junkie. I am driven, above most else, to become a better human being. The balance that I’m learning this requires, the acceptance and love of exactly who I am in every moment and at the same time the holding of the sometimes ginormous-feeling vision of who I have the potential to become, is often like a high-wire act. At times it’s effortless. At other times a fruit fly could knock me over. These classes, and more specifically the people that surround and support and show up every week for each other, make all the difference. They steady me and give me courage to stretch and grow even when it’s difficult and uncomfortable.

If you want the Spiritual Economics Cliff’s Notes, check out this video explanation from Brian Johnson:


Welcome to my life!

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I’m so happy to have you here. This cozy place is where I integrate, reflect, and hold myself accountable to my many roles and big dreams in this one precious life. I am a mother of 3, a sign language interpreter, a certified coach, a queer. I own a fun and practical network marketing business which I love, am actively engaged in the financial overhaul of paying off $30,000 in debt, saving, and giving back to the people and organizations that inspire me. Integrity is a concept that I hold dear, and I look to my body to send me signals about my alignment. I love making new friends and learning new things. I look forward to sharing this journey with all who cross my path, and ask that you slip off your shoes, open up your heart, and stay awhile. Your perspectives, questions and insights help me to grow, and I welcome them.