Befriending My Inner Voice

listen to your inner voice

Lately I’ve been working on checking in with my inner voice more often and doing what it says without question.

All of my readingsclasses and learnings start to meld together, but I think this started with the super-valuable book I’m reading, Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott. In it she says:

Things don’t always make sense–the just are. There are things our gut knows long before our intellect catches on. Every day, all day, an intelligent agent is sending us messages. We hear them in our heads, feel them in our guts, discern them in our hearts. They come to us while we’re sleeping. Albert Einstein had his best ideas in the morning while shaving.

Don’t trust your instincts. Obey them. What is, is. And what is must be acted upon. This instinctual wisdom is readily available to all of us. Tune in. Pay attention.

At first I feared mistaking my reactive self for this inner voice, as the former can be pretty loud and persuasive. I worried that without my mind as a filter, I would heed the direction of this one who shouts orders fueled by fear and anger. “You have to finish the dishes before Bekah gets home so she doesn’t think you’re a slob!” “No, child of mine, you can’t stop to get another snack right now, we’re on our way out the door!” Miraculously, somehow, this hasn’t been an issue. It seems that my inner voice and my inner dictator operate on very different frequencies, and when I’m listening for the truth I’m not tuned into the wavelength of fear or obligation.

autumn leaves

It’s surprising how fun and easy it is to let my highest self be my guide. Sometimes it means I rake leaves in the morning sunlight, other times it has meant that I take a bath or sit on the couch. I keep catching myself thinking, ‘If I had planned what I was going to do next, it wouldn’t have been this, but now as I’m doing it–it’s exactly what I need to be doing!’ As a super-productive, busy-pants, high-achiever, my life has historically been so ruled by my prioritized to-do-list, it is fascinating to eschew that logical way of approaching tasks in favor of a more heart-centered and inward-focused way. I find myself doing the next right thing each time, with much less energy expended (I’m not engaged in mind-battle about which item is the most important!), and I feel so listened to and cared for.

How does your inner voice speak to you and what does it feel like when you do or don’t listen?

NaBloPoMo November 2013


2 thoughts on “Befriending My Inner Voice

  1. I love how much you are willing to dig about, and find out more about yourself every day. Miss Busy-Pants! I have a very, very hard time separating the reactive voice from the inner, oh my word, is it hard. But reminders, like this, help–a lot! Xo

    • This is a life-long practice, my dear. I’m so glad to have friends on the journey who care so deeply about growth like this as you do. When we are wrinkly and grey, playing dice, maybe we’ll have figured it out?? xo

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