Cheap Date

Bekah and Breana 2011 MRS


When Bekah & I started dating 2 years ago, things in our lives were different. ‘How different could they be,’ you think? Let me enumerate the ways:

  1. I worked 20 hours a week at one job and worked out like a fiend.
  2. Bekah served breakfast at a hip Portland comfort food establishment & took one class a term at PCC.
  3. My weekly recycling bins housed an assortment of drained booze, beer & wine bottles.
  4. Bekah was a musician.
  5. We lived in postage-stamp sized places and rented rooms.
  6. 3 kids!

Breana & Bekah at Bullwinkle's Batting Cages

So, when we started dating, we had what seemed like endless amounts of time to enjoy all that the city’s nightlife has to offer.

  1. Queer dance parties with loud music & sweaty hot bods piled into photobooth shots.
  2. All the great music Mississippi Studios could book.
  3. Sexy classes at sexy stores.
  4. Soaking and saunaing with all the ladies.
  5. Brunches in the morning and bars at night.

We pretty much did all of the things and had all of the fun.

Hank the puppy

Then Bekah decided to become a chiropractor. We moved in together. We got a puppy. We bought more camping equipment and matching outdoor-wear. Fast-forward 365 days x 2 and now our life looks like this:

  1. 60 hours of school per week for Dr. Cohen (maybe a slight exaggeration).
  2. 2 new businesses for me and more interpreting to fund it all.
  3. A teenage-dog
  4. Yardwork/crockpot/garden/laundry
  5. 3 kids!

3 Kids

We still like each other a lot, and yet we find ourselves in a rut, often wearing soft clothes and eating tiny sundaes in front of our favorite tv shows. Something must change. And so, I am going to take the advice of my best friend:

Date the person you love. 

I’m going to start dating again. But instead of trolling okcupid and heading out to bars, I’m going to start at home. I’m going to regain an interest in what’s happening in the city that might be fun, might inspire meaningful conversation, might put that twinkle into our eyes. I’m going to get dressed up instead of snuggling into my pj’s, I’m going to be ready on time for our evening plans. I’m going to savor brushing our teeth next to each other in the bathroom mirror, and get excited to hold her hand as we head out the door.

And so I ask for your help, dear reader:

What are your favorite fun, meaningful Portland dates that are rich in experience & memories, not necessarily in admission?

My future date & I thank you.

Bekah & carrot


2 thoughts on “Cheap Date

  1. Betraying my introversion-when-I’m-with-my-lifemate bent here, but I love hiking in Tryon Creek, walking through the gardens (rose gardens, Japanese garden, Chinese garden — admission fee, but so worth it every once in a while), visiting the Grotto — oh! it’s almost Solstice time, so seeing allthelights, holding hands in the crisp air, electric lights draped on indefatigable nature, darkness and hope and beauty and cold. Love that.

    Museums too are historically happy places for us, but shamefully we haven’t been to any here in years (the Children’s Museum doesn’t count!), and I have no idea how cheap any of them are.

    And if you have most of a day free, drive to the coast. Yes, in winter. Take gloves, and rub frozen noses. Bliss.

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