Although I was born and raised in the city of roses, tonight held an initiation deeper into the sexy, nerdy, DIY culture of Portland:


This amateur sexy film festival started in Seattle and has been around since 2005, making its way to our liberal kinky city in, I think, 2010.


It seems that every year brings a different flavor to the screen, and while I’ll spare you the details of this year’s (you can ask me in person) I so appreciate the diversity of films shown. I went in prepared to see a bunch of sex, and came out with a whole new view into people’s fantasies and quirks. There were several submissions that were sexual but purely humorous. A couple that involved zero sex and instead centered around desire/fetish/play. There were the obligatory straight-up porns. And then there were a few hilarious (and wierd!) animated features. Truly something for everyone!

I loved the atmosphere of the whole event, dirty without being creepy, fun and light and completely open-minded. At the conclusion we cast our votes for 4 categories: Best Humor, Best Kink, Best Sex, and Best in Show. I did not hear one derogatory comment the entire evening, and I left feeling like I had just taken part in a special ritual of Portland culture.

I will definitely be back in 2014!

See people’s reactions to Hump!

Hear Dan Savage‘s explanation of the kinky film festival (less appropriate for delicate ears)


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