Dear Breana,

We’ve noticed your tendency toward constant motion and frenzy that makes a cat in sneakers look calm. To soothe your frazzled nerves we are instituting some rules for you to follow:

  1. Stop doing two things at once. We won’t even mention the 15 things we saw you (miserably) juggling last night. You are not winning, you’re making yourself crazy. Do one thing at a time.
  2. Waiting at a stop light, walking to the bathroom, and turning off your alarm first thing in the morning are not opportunities to check your email-facebook-blog-twitter-linkedin-instagram. Knock it off! You’re getting compulsive with the iPhone-checking, you’re giving yourself tendonitis of the thumb and you’re going to cause some sort of an accident. Sit down and check your phone when there is actually a need, not at any mili-second that your thumbs and one eye can be spared from what you’re doing.
  3. Chew your goddamn food. Then chew some more. Stop mindlessly gulping bites while catching up on your news feed (see #2). Enjoy your food and stop eating when you’re full (that’s another post).


Your Inner Yoda


Taking the Next Right Step

If you are like me, you are busy and have a to-do list a mile long. There are the “This Week” to-dos of grocery shopping and buying socks for your kid, there are the “Must Get Done In April” tasks of birthday shopping for your partner’s gift and planting spring seeds in the garden. There are the 6-month goals which for me include cleaning out the basement and attending the 9 day School of the Work, and then there are the big dreams like traveling to Thailand, or getting out of your corporate job and into full-time work that you’re passionate about.

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I am….

A mother ~ to 3 unique, courageous, awe-some human beings.

A partner ~ to a brilliant, empathetic, adventurous, gorgeous gal.

A sign language interpreter ~ facilitating communication between deaf & hearing people, usually over the telephone & in college classrooms.

A personal coach ~ to driven, creative, evolving people who are making the most out of their one precious life.

A child of the universe ~ exercising my trust in the ground, the people, the support systems that sustain me all of the time.

A recovering cutter ~ learning to share my fears, ideas & struggles with others and question those big scary monsters instead of turning it all inward and annihilating my precious body & sensitive heart.

An extrovert ~ alive and electrified when connecting deeply with new people.

An introvert ~ retreating to the safe & pressure-free existence of my bedroom, to stumble, process, and analyze in my private laboratory of one.

A queer ~ whose love of a broad spectrum of humans and need for equality & freedom in relationship has led me on a complicated journey through many hearts & beds.

A woman ~ straining to hear the beating of my fierce heart and shed the stifling layers of people-pleasing that shrouded my first 30 years.

A non-monogamist ~ intent on creating authentic, meaningful connections and clear commitments while honoring my fiery, curious, expansive heart.

A listener ~ often more comfortable giving attention than receiving it; working to improve the reciprocity in my relationships by showing up & sharing my thoughts even when it’s terrifying and I’m sure I’m doing it wrong.

An astrologer ~ captivated by the connections between our internal & external landscapes on an immense and minute scale.

An able-bodied, white, middle-class agent of change ~ seeking to recognize my privilege and not to squander it.

A nurturer ~ coming to terms with my co-dependent inclinations, finding the joy in standing on my own two feet and cheering for others as they do the same.

A doer ~ with an intention to favor presence over productivity and peace over potency.