Blessing My Bills

Never allow money of any kind or amount to pass through your hands without blessing it, whether it is coming to you or going from you. To ‘bless’ is an old-fashioned practice that needs to be rediscovered. The word means ‘to confer prosperity or happiness upon.’ In other words, in handling money on any occasion, be sure to give it the imprint of positive attitudes. The money is a wonderful symbol of God’s (aka: Life’s) substance. Give thanks that it is continually pointing you toward the limitlessness of universal supply. Keep the awareness that it is currency, a movement of divine flow. When it comes to you, give thanks that it has flowed from the infinite through your job or investment. When it goes from you, give thanks that there is no depletion, but actually an increase because you have kept it flowing.¬†~Eric Butterworth, Spiritual Economics

one-hundred dollar bill Ben Franklin money

My friend, Ben Franklin

My reading for class this week was actually on $money$ for the first time in 7 weeks, in a class on “economics.” Taking our time getting to this topic¬†has been such a good set up for me to come to this place and be able to really feel how money is not actually the thing that I’m after. It’s so hard to remember that sometimes. When it feels like everything is coming due at once and then some, and I don’t possibly have enough for it all, money is definitely the guy I blame and chase. But from this view, in this moment, I get a great glimpse of the playing field, and it’s not at all what I thought it was.

As I reconciled my accounts this morning, entered my income and paid my bills, I looked down the register in awe and in gratitude. All of those people, businesses, and organizations that I gave money to–they each contributed to my life in big and small ways. Some of them trusted me for a whole month with their services or products (thank you, Pacific Power and NW Natural), and as I make good on those statements now my heart is open and overflowing. I see so much trust, so much goodness and love and support coming from all angles. I’m so happy to make those payments, I feel so good about giving back to those that enrich my life. I know that as I pay my cable bill, that money goes on to pay the technicians who are working outside on this rainy NW day, and then on to buy food for their families, or pay their for their own electricity. This flow of currency really is just that–a flow–and I am blessed to receive it AND to move it along.

I’m motivated to think more purposefully about the spending choices I make. If my spending is moving this universal life energy along, in what direction do I want it to go? What sort of life do I want it to enrich? Are the businesses and people that I am contributing to, good stewards of the money that flows through their accounts? And the same goes for me–when I spend & consume $10 on junk food, I not only support the business of those making & selling the junk, I have just invested $10 of my life energy, of my body’s fuel & energy, in junk. This perspective of money as currency of life energy helps me to get more clear and more current on what I’m really investing in & what I’m voting for when I spend my dollars.

Ultimately this exploration and coming-to-terms with is about improving my relationship to money and bringing my spending more in line with my values. I want to get at the heart of its true nature, and my true nature, so that I may harness this life energy as a tool to grow in my own uniqueness and to be of service to those around me. That’s what I’m truly after.